Megasale Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our MEGASALE Promo.

Below you find few important Terms & Conditions regarding this Promo. Please read them carefully before purchase to avoid any confusions.

  1. Megasale Promo can be purchased for everyone at the very special price, shown on the website.
  2. Megasale Promo has limited time access and can be withdrawn anytime without notice.
  3. Megasale Promo can not be used with other Promotional Discounts presented on this website in the past or future.
  4. Megasale Promo does not work backwards. If you’ve purchased products at the higher price, difference will not be paid back.
  5. We do not provide installation support when buying items during Megasale Promo. If you still require installation support, it has to be charged at extra cost of €150e paid upfront via our payments channel.